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A Note on Sources:
Today In Russian History! Today In Russian History! is necessarily a work in progress. While there are countless internet sites devoted to topics in Russian history, many of these 'sources' are either regrettably uneven or notoriously transitory. The following are among the more useful, current sites:

     Indices & Pathfinders:
Soviet History links (Hokkaido University)
Hotlinks to Web Resources in Russian History
Russian Revolution: Modern History Sourcebook (Fordham Univ)
Russian History on the Internet (UC, Riverside)
Russian History links (St. Lawrence University)
Russian Index (Sher's Index)
Russian Web Resources (American Library Association)
Russophilia (History & Social Studies)

     Documents & Selected Works:
Documents in Russian History (Seton Hall University)
Documents in Russian History (University of Durham)
Russian Historical Texts (Moscow State University)
Lenin Internet Archive (Marxists Internet Archive)
Leon Trotsky Internet Archive (Trotsky Internet Archive)
Joseph Stalin Reference Archive (Marxists Internet Archive)
Revolutionary Writings (texts in Russian)

     Bibliographies & Print Resources:
Imperial Russian History (University of Illinois)
Soviet History (University of Illinois)
Revolution in Russian Society (University of Manchester)
Women in Russia (H-Net: Russia)
Russian Peasant Collection (Ohio State University)
History of Russian Science and Technology (M.I.T.)
NEP: A Bibliography, 1965-1995 (Duke University)
American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies
Journals in Russian & E European Studies (Slavic Review)

     Chronologies & Timelines:
A Chronology of Russian History (Bucknell University)
Chronology/Timeline of Russian History (Douglas Hartman)
Russia and East European Chronology (North Park University)
TIME Trail: Russian Democracy (Time Magazine)
Timelines: [to 1910][1911-1944][1945-1987][1988-1995] (Algis Ratkinas)

     Projects & Archives:
Stalin-Era Research and Archives Project (University of Toronto)
Cold War International History Project (Woodrow Wilson Center)
Revelations From the Russian Archives (Library of Congress)
Russian History Monographs ('eScholarship', UC Berkeley)
ArcheoBiblioBase: Archives in Russia (Rosarkhiv/Grimsted)
Archives of the Soviet Communist Party (Stanford University)
The Russian Archive (commercial search service*)
The Avalon Project (Yale University)

     Historical Surveys & Monographs:
Imperial Period:
   Russian History: Kliuchevskii, Solovev, et al (texts in Russian)
   Alexander II and His Times (Walter Moss, EMU)
   An Ambassador's Memoirs (Maurice Palélogue)
Soviet Period:
   The Russian Revolution (Rosa Luxemburg)
   History of the Russian Revolution (Leon Trotsky)
   History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Short Course)
   Bolshevism: The Road to Revolution (Alan Woods)
   Lectures in Russian History (Gerhard Rempel)
   A History of Russia (multi-media) (Michael Petrovich)
   Joseph Stalin(Biographical Chronicle)
   Petr Chaadaev and the Rise of Russian Cultural Criticism (Gordon Cook)
   Workers and Intelligentsia in Late Imperial Russia (Reginald Zelnik, Ed.)
   The CPSU's Top Bodies Under Stalin (Jana Howlett et al)
   Economic Transformation in Russia (Stephen Cohen et al, Eds.)
   Identities in Transition: Russia (Victoria Bonnell, Ed.)

     Other Related Sites:
Russia (Library of Congress)
Soviet Union (Library of Congress)
The Face of Russia (PBS Online)
The Alexander Palace Time Machine (biographical sketches)
Russian Art & Architecture (Bucknell University)
Russian Law & Politics (Bucknell University)
Russian Literature Links (University of Exeter)
Soviet Literature Links (SovLit)
Russian Belles-Lettres (texts in Russian)
Russian Cultural Navigator (Daily Events)
 The Romanov Dynasty:
    Romanov Genealogy (Timo Haapanen)
    Alexander II and His Times (Walter Moss, EMU)
    Nicholas II (State History Museum, St. Petersburg)

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