Index of Scenes

The script was divided into a nineteen scenes. The duel between Rugen and Inigo was the first scene re-written and forms a template for the later scenes as well as the general style. They are labeled for easy reference; you can jump from one scene to the next as well.

Scene 1: The grandson and the grandfather

Scene 2: Amidala and Anakin

Scene 3: Amidala's kidnapping

Scene 4: Sailing to the Cliffs of Insanity

Scene 5: The Duel on top of the Cliffs

Scene 6: Skill against Skill alone

Scene 7: The Battle of Wits

Scene 8: The Sith Lord and Amidala flee

Scene 9: Into the Fire Swamp

Scene 10: Anakin is thrown into Pit of Carkoon

Scene 11: Anakin's torture begins.

Scene 12: Yoda restores Obi-wan back to health

Scene 13: Palpatine kills Anakin in the Pit of Carkoon

Scene 14: At Miracle Mace's

Scene 15: The Castle (er, Palace) Onslaught

Scene 16: Inside the Castle/the Wedding

Scene 17: Obi-Wan fights Lord Maul, the six-horned man

Scene 18: Anakin confronts Palpatine

Scene 19: This kiss left them all behind

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