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What is this place, anyway?

This site is the product of one great film, one great film saga, and the unforunate and unplanned employment of a single sentence in a conversation.
The film (and equally great book) is "The Princess Bride," while the saga is, of course, Star Wars.

It all began a few months ago while watching Star Wars Episode I. One of the creators turned to the other and uttered those fateful words-

"Hello. My name is Obi-Wan Kenobi. You killed my Master. Prepare to die."

With that for inspiration, the two creators began by rewriting the classic battle between Inigo Montoya and Count Rugen, using Darth Maul as Rugen and, of course, a young Obi-Wan Kenobi as a revenge- seeking Inigo.

Over the next couple months, the creators rewrote the entire script for their personal amusement. Realizing that the end result might just appeal to people with a similarly distorted reality, they decided to make a webpage out of it. After breaking it down into scenes and adding some pictures (brushed out to present more of a "storyboard" look), enough of it was completed to post on the web. (A few scenes are still in progress.)

Our thanks for stopping by. This was created solely to entertain its creators, but with this site we hope to entertain our anonymous audience as well. Again, welcome to our site. S & M

Oh, yeah. And please take minute to sign the guestbook. We'd like to know exactly who it is guarding the palace gate.

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