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2007 Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility

Exploring Partnerships for Change

Friday, February 16, 2007| Michigan Student Union

Within recent years we have seen an emergence of multinational corporations in social, economic, and political spheres of public life.  Their dominant presence in our daily lives has greatly shaped consumer behavior and traditional business practices.  Corporations have recognized this and approximately 90% of Fortune 500 companies have adopted CSR programs (Kotler and Lee 2004).

Although corporate community involvement is now more pervasive, there is still uncertainty over the efficacy of these programs in achieving their stated goals. For the 2007 CSR Conference our organizing committee has decided to explore CSR in the areas of the environment, education, and healthcare.  The objective is to engage students in discussions that explore the successes and failures of previous CSR programs, as well as exploring ideas for possible improvement.

Corporate, non-profit, and public policy perspectives will be represented, providing a forum for discussion and networking opportunities between speakers, students, and University community members.  We hope to educate students about the complexities each sector faces in accomplishing their activities and motive individuals to evaluate their own impact in society.