Here are some pictures of minor adventures in Graduate School and beyond.

The Post-Defense 2008 Great American Roadtrip
Visiting Thad pt II in Puerto Rican Bushwick, Brooklyn & movie
Hawaii Neural Conference Spring 2007
The American Dream, a second car & movie
Thanksgiving in Ann Arbor 2006 & movie
India December 2006
San Francisco and NASA

Hanging with the Family at Long Beach Island
The Jersey Shore
A Local Air Show & movie
Game 7 of Pistons Playoffs & movie
Restoring my El Camino
Working on Other Cars
New Zealand
China Summer 2005
Eastern Mexico
The Southwest where my folks live
Visiting Thad in Hipsterville Williamsburg, Brooklyn
The dolphin sonar in Hawaii
The Wonderland Trail in Washington State
Alberta, Canada after passing Quals 2003
Key West, Florida
Egypt in December 2001
Arriving in Ann Arbor for Grad School
Atlantis Space Shuttle Launch