Body and Sexuality in the Art of the Ancient World
History of Art 394 101, Spring Half-Term, 3 credits

MW 10:00-12:30, Tappan Hall 180

Instructor: Terry Wilfong, Visiting Assistant Curator, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology

Updated 27 June 1995
NOTE: This is a syllabus for a course that concluded on 22 June; I've left the syllabus on-line in case anyone is interested in seeing what the readings were for this course.

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Syllabus with Readings 1. Wednesday, May 3 - Introduction and overview
*No readings
2. Monday, May 8 - Scholarly Approaches to the Body and Sexuality
3. Wednesday, May 10 - Ancient Egypt and its art: Introduction and Overview
4. Monday, May 15 - Visit to the Kelsey Museum: Gallery tour and artifact handling session
5. Wednesday, May 17 - The Human Body in Ancient Egypt I: The living body
6. Monday, May 22 - The Human Body in Ancient Egypt II: The dead and the deified body
7. Wednesday, May 24 - Ancient Egyptian "Sexuality": A question of definitions
8. Wednesday, May 31 - The art of Greece and Rome: overview
9. Monday, June 5 - The Human Body in Greek and Roman Art
10. Wednesday, June 7 - Guest Lecturers: Body and Sexuality in Graeco-Roman Egypt
11. Monday, June 12 - Sexuality in Greek and Roman Art
12. Wednesday, June 14 - Sex and Society in the Graeco-Roman World/Exam Review
13. Monday, June 19 - The impact of Christianity
14. Thursday, June 22

Detailed guide to course requirements:

Write a 5-10 page paper in which you can
When writing your paper, you should provide a basic description of the object(s) you're writing about. Then discuss the object(s) in terms of this course--how it relates to conceptions of the human body and/or sexuality in its cultural context.

You do not have to address both body and sexuality in your paper; in some cases both won't be relevant or you will just want to concentrate on one aspect.

For those of you working on objects in the Kelsey Museum (either on display or in storage), Robin Meador-Woodruff (the Kelsey Museum registrar) is the person to contact for information and/or access to objects. She is accessible via phone (747-0442) or email ( Anyone wishing to work on Kelsey Museum objects should arrange to do so well in advance.

For those students who are interested and already have the requisite technical knowledge, I am willing to accept papers in electonic format, especially in the form of an interactive document accessible via World Wide Web. If you are interested in this option, it is essential that you get this approved ahead of time. I will need a printed outline of your online document, as well as an operational URL for your online paper by the due date. Thus, the paper must be finished and online by 12:30 pm, 19 June.