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    Recent Course Syllabi
  • Springx (Feb-Apr) 2017:
    • Energizing Europe: 21st Century renewable & fossil transformations. FU-BEST (European Studies Program), Freie Universität, Berlin
  • Fall (Sep-Dec) 2016:
  • Spring (Jan-Apr) 2016:
  • Summer 2014:
  • Fall 2011:
  • Spring 2011:
  • Spring & Fall 2010:
  • Summer 2010:

  • Political economy & international affairs:
  • Op-Ed: "China's Angst over Iran Sanctions:
    Beijing's go-it-alone oil security could fail during any U.S.-Iran conflict"
    or MEES
    Op-Ed; Middle East Economic Survey, MEES-Vol53n23, 7 June 2010

  • Book Review: "International Relations of the Persian Gulf,"
    F. Gregory Gause III; Cambridge University Press, 2010.
    Reviewed by: Thomas W. ODonnell
    To appear in Middle East Journal, Summer 2010 Edition.

  • Talk on "China's Energy Policy in Latin America: Investment & Geopolitics"
    Video recording of public forum.
    Click on "Audio and Video Clips"
    At the Hudson Institute; Washington, D.C.; September 22, 2009

  • Talks on the Iran Crisis, URPE website, 2006-10
    Audio recordings of public forums."
    Click on "O'Donnell" links
    At the Brecht Forum, the Left Forum, etc.

  • Talk on "PetroCaribe and PetroDiplomacy" of Bolivarian Venezuela
    Video recording of public forum.
    Click on "Audio and Video Clips"
    At the Hudson Institute; Washington, D.C.; September 22, 2009

  • Analysis: "The Political Economy of Oil in the U.S.-Iran Crisis:
    U.S. Globalized Oil Interests vs. Iranian Regional Interests"
    Preprint, June 2009 (45 pps with figures)

  • Op-Ed: "Obama's Iran Nuclear Deadline:
    A Grand Bargain is Still Possible if Both Sides Honestly Define Their Interests"

    Submitted to Huffington Post, December 30, 2009.

  • U.S. Fulbright Scholar Research Project,
    - Research in Venezuela, January-September 2008.
    Research Proposal: "The Political Economy of Oil: A Comparative Study of the Internal and External Policies of Venezuela and Algeria"

  • "Understanding the Washington-Tehran Deals"
    "These on-again, off-again talks involve partial deals about the mutual pacification of Iraq, not a 'Grand Bargain' that would finally end th very damaging U.S. sanctions on Iran's oil sector Without such an agreement, the danger of a military conflict remains very real" for Latin America Sunday Feature, 17 February 2008.
    and, updated: Z Magazine Online April 2008.

  • "Global Oil to 2030: A Quantitative Assessment in the Context of International Affairs"
    "... The paper concludes that because oil demand has become highly inelastic to price pressures and given the progressive depletion of the aging oil fields in the Northern Hemisphere, global dependence will continue to concentrate on Persian Gulf oil."
    International Relations and Security Network (ISN), Zurich, Switzerland 2 May 2007.

  • Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute (MMPEI)
    - Research; & Workshop Talk: "The Political Economy of the New Global Oil Order and U.S. Policy" 18 January 2007.

  • "The Political Economy of the U.S.-Iran crisis: Oil Hegemony, Not Nukes, is the Real Issue"
    - Full article (Before "Z" edited) 28 April 2006.
    - Z Magazine (On "Z" magazine website) Volume 19, Number 6. June 2006.

  • "Report on Visit to University of Algiers."
    - Talk (3.5MB ppt format) given at U. Michigan's Center for Middle East & N. African Studies (CMENAS) at end-of-semester gathering. Discusses comparative study of Algerian and Venezuelan oil and gas policies. 18 April 2007.

  • "Lebanon, Palestine, Syria and Israel: The U.S.-Iran Connection"
    - Full article On the Israeli attack on Lebanon. 14 July 2006.
  • Videos and Recordings; Press Links, ...
  • Audio File:
    Iran--U.S. Crisis: Geopolitical Update
    Talk by Tom O'Donnell [MP3, 12 MB]
    The Left Forum, 19 March 2011, NYC. Panel with Hamid Zangeneh, Hamideh Sedghi, Reza Ghorashi (remainder of panel and discussion available soon.)
  • In Venezuela, Colombia (Spanish & English) & U.S.

  • Physics peer-reviewed papers

    On nuclear theory and experiment (Recent. Full list ~40 in CV):
  • New experimental approach for heavy and superheavy element production,
    International Journal of Modern Physics E, Vol. 18, No. 4 (2009) 10361043
  • Symmetry energies, pairing energies, and mass equations,
    Nuclear Physics A 781 (2007) 317341
  • Damping mechanisms of high-lying single-particle states in 91Nb,
    Physical Review C 75, 014311 (2007)

  • Ph.D. Thesis: Nuclear Physics
    2000: "A Superconducting-Solenoid Isotope Spectrometer for Production of Neutron-Rich Nuclei" Awarded Terwilliger Prize.

  • "BigSol" A 7 Tesla Superconducting Solenoid Spectrometer for
    Collection and Identification of Neurton-Rich Isotopes. NSCL, c.1996.