Public lectures, conference talks and papers, 2009

Fulbright Scholar, Caracas, 2008

Visiting professor, CENDES-UCV, Caracas, 2009

The New School for Social Research, NYC, 2010

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Papers, 2009:

A.     A Class Analysis of the Electoral Decline of Chavismo, 2007-2009

·         July 2009; 55 pp. (with figures and illustrations/photos)


A.     The Political Economy of Oil in the U.S.-Iran Crisis: U.S. globalized oil interests vs. Iranian regional interests

·         June 2009; 45 pp. (36 pp. plus 9 pp. figures) 


Invited Public and Academic Lectures, Conferences 2009:  

1.       Hudson Institute - Washington, D.C., Sept. 22, 2009: 

o   Petro Caribe and Petro Diplomacy of Hugo Chavez

§  Panel on Central American Democracy with Fmr. Ambassador Roberto Flores Bermudez (Honduras), Prof. Diana Negroponte (Brookings Institute), Eduardo Ulibarri, and Regina Vargo.  Moderated by Ambassador(ret.) Jaime Daremblum.


2.      Waterpower XVI - Spokane, Washington, July 28, 2009:

o   World Primary Energy Resources: What’s Available and Where to 2030.

§  Keynote speaker, Opening session


3.      Latin American Studies Center - U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, Sept. 28, 2009

o   The International Policy of Chavez: Can Iran, Russia, China and the International Oil Companies “save Venezuela from the global market of ’El Imperio’”?


4.      Joint: Latin American Studies Program & Middle East Studies Program, Ohio State University, Columbus. Sept. 30, 2009

o   Oil in the U.S.-Iran Crisis and Venezuelan foreign affairs


5.      Asociación Venezolano de los Hidrocarburos (AVHI) - Caracas, April 15, 2009

o   The Global Political Economy of Petroleum and Bolivarian Venezuela


6.      Residence of Ambassador of Norway - Caracas, February 10, 2009

o   Domestic Struggles Over Venezuelan Petroleum Sector: Present and Future

§  Breakfast talk, with comments on the talk by: 

·         Rubén Figuera, Presidente de PDVSA Gas

·         Thor …, President of Statoil (Norway)


7.       Embajada de Holanda - Caracas, March 12, 2009

o   A Retrospective: Domestic Struggles Over Venezuelan National Oil

§  Luncheon talk with Luís X. Grisanti, President, Venezuelan Hydrocarbon Association (AVHI)


8.     Centro dpe los Estudios del Desarrollo - Universidad Central de Venezuela (CEDES-UCV) Caracas, January 22, 2009

o   La nueva PDVSA, antes y durante la crisis mundial: El petróleo en el desarrollo y las relaciones exteriores de la Venezuela bolivariana

·   Lectura público/Public lectura


9.     Facutad de Ciencias Jurídicas y Políticas - Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) Caracas, January 2009

o   El petróleo en el desarrollo y las relaciones exteriores de la Venezuela bolivarianadi

·   Lectura público/Public lecture; invited by student organization


10.   International Studies Association (ISA) Convention - New York City, February 15-18, 2009

o   “The New Nationalism” Oil Strategy of Chavez and Mommer: Can China, Iran and International Oil Companies Enable Venezuela to Escape the Markets of ”El Imperio” and Reverse PDVSA Production Declines?

§  Panel on Latin America and the World Economy

o   The Political-Economy of the Globalized Oil Order: How Objective Conditions Drove the OECD and OPEC from Confrontation to Collusion and a Market Centered System Resting on U.S. Gulf Hegemony

§  Panel on Oil and Natural Resources


11.    India-China Institute - The New School University, New York City,  April 20, 2009

o   China’s Energy Policy


12.   Left Forum 2009 - Pace University, New York City, April 17-19, 2009

o   Obama and Iran: A New Beginning? 

§  Panel with Ruth Indeck (Chair), Prof. Ervand Abrahamian, Prof. Reza Ghorashi and Ms. Manijeh Saba


13.   The New School University GPIA & ISN-ETH Zurich - New York City, March 6, 2009

o   Global warming & congestion, plentiful oil & failure of bio-alternatives: What is to be done?

·         Invited talk, Economics of Security Study Group


14.   School of Natural Resources and Environment - U. Michigan, Ann Arbor. Oct. 2, 2009

o   Plentiful Oil, Congestion and the Failure of Bio-Alternatives - What is to be Done?

§  Faculty Lecture in Environmental Ethics


15.   Center for Middle East & N. African Studies - U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, Sept. 28, 2009

o   Oil in the U.S-Iran Crisis: U.S. oil-security interests vs. Iranian regional interests