1. For Monday, 24sep01, read the remainder of the handout on Boole. The "New Scientist" article was assigned for last Wednesday, now read the "Universal Computer" by Martin Davis, chapter two on Boole.

2. Write a short, two page paper like the one on Leibnitz. Use both the "New Scientist" and Martin Davis' works as background. The idea is to first cover/summarize the important, pertinent points about the life of Boole and his accomplishments. Critiques of the articles or questions/concerns about the material should follow your descriptive summary (recall our fist-class-day discussion of writing assignments, use of your journal to keep notes on your readings, and outlines of your writing).

--Oh, and email me the paper, in plain text, in the body of an email, before class on Monday. If you have difficulty doing this SEE ME and we'll go try it together.