--Today in class, we ended up having a review of the class up to the present day. This was not planned to take the entire class, but I think it was very useful.

-In the next class (number 14) we will have an essay exam.

Pick eight (8) questions from the review material ("Concepts and Questions for Study") from amongst questions whch you did NOT work on answering in your study group. Make half of these "social" and/or biographical questions, and the other four "technical" questions. Email me the list.

I will tell you at the time of the essay quiz which four of the eight I want you to answer. Two will be on social/biographical material and two on technical questions. You'll have one hour to do the essays. I'll provide uniform paper for everyone.

-The next reading assignment will be:

1. Chapter 5 of Universal Computer, by M. Davis on Hilbert first, then proceed to Berlinski's Chapter 5 on Hilbert also. We'll be working on these readings next week (after this Wednesday's essay quiz) on both Monday and Wednesday.


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