Today, Wednesday, we essentialy completed our discussions of Hilbert (actually , most of the class was a review of the different aproaches to foundational problems through Hilbert). You are responsible for understanding all of [Davis] and [Berlinski] on Hilbert, however, it is impossible to thoroughly discuss all this material and still keep up the pace we want to maintain. So, ... on to Kurt Godel and incompleteness!

For Monday:

1. Read Chapter 6 of Universal Computer, by M. Davis on Godel first, then proceed to Berlinski's Chapter 6 also.

2. Click on the new link on the class assignments web pages which is also here:
Positivism and the split in logic and mathematics.

Find the entries under your URL and check them. Note that any from Encarta sources do not preserve the reference to the source. This means that you should either type out the reference in the email next time, or save the entire reference in plain text (not html).

Some are marked "re-do" because they are biblo lists instead of information. Or, if yours isn't there, then I never received your two entries. In this case pick two terms fro the previous list (if possible, pick two not answereed yet) and send them to me. Plain text or html is easiest to deal with. Books often win out as formal, informative sources, but not always.

3. If you have any words or concepts you come across in the readings that you looked up and want to contribute to the definitions, just send it to me, with the citation, page numbers, and/or URL, etc. and I'll post it so you can share it with everyone.

Tom O'D.

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