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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2001 14:33:49 -0500 (EST)
From: Tom O'Donnell
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Subject: Re: H.F. Hegel

(I'm cc'ing this to everyone, because a lot of people asked the same sort of question.)

Well, the idea is to send me information you look up about the topics -- perhaps a few paragraphs or so that you look up on the topic. Please send a separate email for each topic (it is a lot easier to put them online that way.) It is important to put the citation/reference at the bottom so you or others can then use the citation in a paper later on.

It is permissible to use a URL, however, it should be a *real*, i.e., *formal*, *academic*-type, reference if it comes from the web, not just some guy's website, or a popular magazine, etc. (an exception, however,is the kind of article we read on Boole from "New Scientist" - it was ina non-formal publication, but written by an authorative academic who does research in the field he wrote about. For this class Scientific Amerian, New Scientist, Physics Today, and similar journals might have good articles occasionally).

The best online things are on the University library's 'virtual reference shelf' and that sort of thing. These references are just like any other encyclopedia or reference book, only it is online.

Generally, however, a quick trip to the library to find a book, encyclopadea, and then typing in the information that explaining the topic, is more fruitful than searching the web.

Hope this helps

PS If anyone comes across important concepts they looked up while doing the reading on Hilbert or Godel, send them in too.

Tom O'Donnell, Ph.D. The University of Michigan
On Fri, 2 Nov 2001 ... wrote:

Here is a website that I found, which has a lot of links off of it that I thought might be helpful: snp=jeeves&qid=51EAF11CF232BC4D9D0EFD978BECCF8D& back=ask%3Dh.f.%2Bhegel%26o%3D0&qcatid=15&score=1.08& aj_ques=snapshot%3DJeeves%26kbid%3D4675%26item1%3D1694630-637133& aj_logid=51EAF11CF232BC4D9D0EFD978BECCF8D&aj_rank=1&aj_score=1.08& aj_list1=1694630-637133&x=23&y=6

(I found that it is easiest to cut and paste this web address into your browser.)

I am not sure if I am approaching this assignment correctly, so if you think I need to find more information, different information, etc. just let me know!


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