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Forbidden Planet: Images of Krell Technology

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  • One of the first aspects of the Krell we are introduced to is their music box. This functions like our CD players. You can listen to the music of the Krell (AIFF, 800k).

    Adams tries to burn his way through the Krell metal with his disintegration gun, but doesn't even dent it. This is the strongest material man has ever seen.

    Here is a still of the Krell's laboratory. The IQ machine is located to the left, and the computer terminal is on the right.

    This is the Krell IQ machine. Long ago, Morbius used it to increase his intellect. Here, he is using it to create a 3D model of his daughter. Adams and Ostrow use it to measure their intellect -- and find that they are quite inferior to the Krell. Later in the film, Ostrow attempts to increase his intellect as well, but the machine kills him.

    Here is the computer terminal that Morbius has been working from. It is very similar to the hypermedia system called 'Memex' that Vannevar Bush envisioned in 1945 -- 12 years before this film was made.

    More information about the Memex can be found here.

    This is an image of the Krell energy source. It taps directly into the molten core of the planet, providing an almost unlimited source of energy to the Krell's computer complex. The men are not able to look directly at it, as it is so powerful that it will cause them to go blind.

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