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Table of Contents:

Introduction and General Information:

Here we have a collection of complete electronic texts of various works important to the study of fantasy and science fiction.

For University of Michigan users, The Humanities Text Initiative is also available for more sophisticated searching.

Many of these texts are made available free of charge from the Gutenberg Project. They have many more books available and several indices on their Overview Page.

Another great place to find etexts is the Carnegie Mellon On-Line Books Page. They have a comprehensive list of English Repositories and Specialty or Foreign Language Repositories.

Click on a title to view the full text of the book. Books marked as local raw text are stored at the University of Michigan and may be faster to download than the others, which are stored at various locations. There is a legal notice for the local books. The size of all raw text files appears in parantheses with each link, to prevent getting trapped downloading a huge file.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Books:

Collateral Works