Adam and Eve

They are the Biblical progenitors of the human race, the original couple, and are often associated with their "Fall." They succumbed to the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit of the TREE of Knowledge, thus becoming a symbol for the loss of immortality through violation. "It is of critical importance for symbology, that Adam and Eve prefigure all of the humans that descend from them both in their free will and in their need for salvation after their sinful deviation from God's plan" (Bieder man, 3).

Adam -- Name is derived from 'earth' and can be thought of as representative of universal power. Body created from 8 directions: water - blood, stones - bones, sun - eye, earth - flesh, roots - ligaments, wind - spirit, clouds - thoughts, fire - warmth. Is the name giver to all things. Is the father of all kings, who become his direct descendants.

Eve -- Appears as the excision of Adam, often created from the rib closest to his heart. Plays the role of the persuader in the fall, as she eats the APPLE first and then tells Adam to do the same. Can be thought of as the first and easiest to fall, but in Milton is often thought of as the more tricked. Portrait of absolute beauty and innocence. Mother of all things.

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