The castle is a symbol of enclosure, of the walled and defended city; often, the castle holds "some treasure or imprisoned person and is inhabited by a monster or wicked person who must be overcome to obtain the treasure or release the imprisoned, which depicts the treasure of esoteric knowledge or spiritual attainment" (Cooper, 30). According to Julien, the heroines of fairy tales sleep in castles as they wait for Prince Charming to awaken them, whch is a symbol of the awakening of the conscious mind. It may also reflect ostentation and luxury. Generally located on the top of a MOUNTAIN or hill, which gives it height-symbolism as well, strength. The shape and color help define it as an embattled, spiritual power, a vigil. Grandeur, nobility, search for divine grace.

Different castles: Black (other world, no return), Light (appears suddenly, contains treasure, damsel and knight), Revelry (turning universe).

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