Gold is illuminating, sacred, durable; it is precious. It is almost universally associated with the SUN, or the highest stage in spiritual development. The first is black - sin and penitence; then white - remission and innocence; then red - sublimation and passion. It is heralded as embodying the powers of the EARTH, and it is light. It is the heart of the earth, so it is symbolic of superiority.

Has many symbols of fertility, the Tree of Life supposedly had gold roots, plus wealth and abundance. Its immunity from rust brings it connotations of immortality and incorruptibility. It is an amulet for wounded people. Along with being the heart of the earth, gold represents heart, love and blood. In Melville's Moby Dick, sun, blood and gold are together. Combinations: a golden apple is immortality, ball is wisdom, sun, chain is honor, dignity, respect and wealth.


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