Green is a dualistic color. It can represent envy, evil, and trickery, and/or growth, renewal, and life, as lush vegetation. In Arthurian legend the green knight slew all who attempted to cross his bridge, until he was killed by Arthur. In this respect green can be seen as death's unbiased nature and the slaying of the naive.

Vegetation, earthly, growing things. Fertility, Mother Earth, life, nature. Resurrection, permanence, and love, which was the color of Aphrodite, Greek love goddess, born from the green sea. It is usually a feminine color, but is also one of neutrality, passivity and indecision. In most Shakespeare the sea is green, and is often related to memory.A sign of freshness and youth along with virtue and peace. Hospitality and knowledge also follow. Can be thought of as expectation in relation to spring hopes. As the national color of Ireland it is supposed to bring luck, especially on St. Patrick's Day.

In psychology, related to sensations, persons liking green are often defensive and withdrawn or cold.

See Also: SERPENT (especially in poetry)

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