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Welcome to Vicki Kondelik's home page! I am currently working in the Monograph Cataloging Unit of the Hatcher Graduate Library at the University of Michigan, where I have also worked in the Authorities Unit and the Clements Recon Project. I have a M.I.L.S. from the University of Michigan and a B.A. in History, Latin, and Greek from Butler University.

I am the author of two historical novels (as yet unpublished), one based on the opera Tosca and one about the 16th century Roman noblewoman Beatrice Cenci.

Read the prologue to my novel about Beatrice Cenci (The prologue might not make it into the published novel, but it introduces you to the character.)

I love to read! Here are some links to my favorite authors:

Katherine Neville is another of my favorite authors. Her novel The Eight is, possibly, my favorite book. Unfortunately, I could not find a home page for her, so I decided to create one of my own:

The Unofficial Katherine Neville Home Page

And now Katherine Neville has her own home page.

My brief review of The Eight

My longer review of The Eight

My review of Katherine Neville's A Calculated Risk

My review of Katherine Neville's The Magic Circle

My review of Katherine Neville's The Fire, the sequel to The Eight

Fan fiction based on The Eight at and at Archive of Our Own

You can also read the list of my favorite novels. Of course, this list gets longer all the time!

Here are two versions of my review of City Of Darkness, City Of Light by Marge Piercy; I liked this historical novel of the French Revolution very much, but not enough to put it on my list of favorite novels. You can read the shorter version and the longer version of this review.

Links to the French Revolution

German literature resources

Greek and Latin resources

Links to Les Misérables

I am a fan of Les Misérables, both the Victor Hugo novel and the musical. I wrote a story based on one of the characters. It was also inspired by a (much better) story by Sharon L. Taylor, editor of THE BARRICADE.

Other interesting links

Opera sites

I am currently working on a website about the soprano Meta Seinemeyer.

Library-Related Sites

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