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Virtual Prototyping of a Sailing Yacht

This project, sponsored by the Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory, created a virtual sailing yacht from an AutoCad representation to study the difficulties, limitations, and benefits of immersive virtual reality in an application that deals with arrangement problems and narrow spaces. The three-dimensional interior and exterior of the yacht were modeled in great detail and with extensive use of texture mapping.

The study highlights the usefulness of immersive virtual reality in yacht design and related marine applications. Layout and interior arrangement can be studied in a full scale, three-dimensional virtual representation that provides the user with walk-through and fly-over capabilities. The user experiences a realistic impression of a complex design and can evaluate the yacht before she is being built.

This top view (with the deck made translucent) shows the interior arrangement:

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Views of the deck seen from the helm:

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Interior walk-through views of saloon and galley:

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Fly-over views of the exterior:

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