Selected Projects

at the University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory
with links to project descriptions and VRML models

The Virtual Football Trainer
Development of an innovative training application for football players using a virtual reality CAVE system
2003 Laureate and Medallist of Computerworld Honors
Detroit Midfield Terminal Project
Explore the 3D model of the new Northwest Airlines terminal at Detroit Metro Airport
Architectural Walk-Through: The Barcelona Pavilion
Our version of the famous Barcelona Pavilion designed by Mies van der Rohe (VRML model with guided tour and animations)
listed as quality fine art Web site in the Art-Bridge directory
The Maneuvering Submarine
Follow a 500-ton class submarine on its virtual underwater dive and explore the maneuvering motion in three-dimensional space.
Medical Readiness Trainer - MRT
The "Virtual Reality-Enhanced Medical Readiness Trainer" (MRT) is an ongoing interdisciplinary project
Medallist and Laureate of Year 2000 Computerworld Smithsonian Awards in Education and Academia
Miller Indices in VRML
Visualize and understand the geometric properties of crystal planes defined by Miller Indices
The Moebius Strip in VRML
Explore the puzzling topology of the Moebius Strip and crawl along the band like Escher's ants
The Great Pyramid of Khufu
A 3D VRML model including interior passage ways and chambers of Khufu's pyramid on Egypt's Giza plateau
Revival of the Virtual Lathe
Cut your own piece using this interactive VRML lathe (unlimited supply of stock, no clean up when done!)
Digital Preservation of Florida's Undervotes
A proposed project idea that, unfortunately, never received funding -- provided for the curious and historically inclined reader
Ship Motion Simulation
A VRML model that is animated by a physics-based simulation
Color Coded Stereo Vision in VRML
You need Chromatek cardboard glasses to see this model in stereo
Virtual Prototyping of Automotive Interiors
Learn about the process of "Virtual Prototyping" as developed for the interior of the Chrysler Neon
Virtual Prototyping of a Concept Car
Illustrates complexity reduction for high polygon counts (heavily loaded with images)
Virtual Simulation of Ship Production Processes
Design studies and assembly sequence for a double bottom section of a navy cargo ship
Robots in Virtual Manufacturing
Robot Libraries - Robot Programming - Simulation of Production Process - "The Towers of Hanoi"
Virtual Prototyping of a Sailing Yacht
This detailed virtual prototype allows for the study of deck layout and interior arrangement
IBM Educational Project
Two educational VRML applications: Conic Sections and The Great Wall of China
Accident Simulation
This virtual reconstruction of a deadly accident was presented to the jury of a court case
Lake Michigan Flow Field Visualization
The use of VRML for visualizing three-dimensional currents in Lake Michigan
Hazard Detection using Augmented Reality

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