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The Badaling Section of the Great Wall.
Click here for an impressive high-res version (1152x768 pixels, 577K) of this image.
Source: China News Digest International, Inc. (CND)

The Great Wall of China

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Our Two Pilot VRML Models of the Great Wall

The first VRML model is without textures and the second has textures added.

Jump down through the preset viewpoints using the Page Down key or dashboard control until you reach the animated "ride" viewpoint. The ride animation will continue to cycle until you select another viewpoint. You also can navigate freely through the scene using the buttons described on the previous page. Some display and navigation settings can be controlled by clicking the Preferences button on the right side of the dashboard.

Click here to explore the VRML 2.0 model without textures (120K).
Click here to explore the VRML 2.0 model with textures (264K).

Last update: April 24, 2001, kpb

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