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Avatar List / Images of Victims

Initial List of 38 Avatars (with pictures) by Dan Avstreih, as presented on February 16, 2004:
Suicide Bus Attack, Jerusalem, 29. Jan. 2004
Caution: Video contains extremely graphic footage !!!

PowerPoint Presentation by Mia Bloom, December 2004
with graphic images of suicide bombers

Explosion of a Gas Bottle at a German Bratwurst Stand
Christmas Market, Weimar, November 26, 2004
Debris found within a 50 meter perimeter, 30 broken windows in surrounding houses
No victims due to early morning hours

More Images of Victims (real and staged)
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Chechnya - Seconds after Bomb Explosion in Stadium, 5/9/04
Click on image to enlarge

Victims - Iran Train Accident, 2/18/04
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Images of Burned Victims from the MRT project

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