Welcome to the Wakil Research Group Homepage

This website serves two purposes. The first is to provide information for persons outside the Wakil Group about the Group's research activities. The second is to serve as a remotely-accesible information storehouse for members of the Wakil Research Group. The Wakil Research Group is composed of many scientists working on a variety of projects. Each of these persons is under the directorship of either Huda Akil or Stanley J. Watson, Jr.
Drs. Watson and Akil are the Co-Directors of the Mental Health Research Institute (MHRI), which is part of the University of Michigan Medical Center, and is housed under the auspices of the Department of Psychiatry.

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The Oligo Rosetta Page
Protocol Clearing House
Codon Table
Charles's GTP-gammaS Section Protocol
Wakil Group Private Area
CMV construct of the rat Mu Opiate Receptor (m4B)

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The CORD Page is an excellent Opioid-related site.