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^Forth Words contains a description of the ^Forth to C translation model which is accurate as far as it goes, but not entirely up to date. We're working on it.

How to do a translation is a start on documentation for running the translator and compiling a translation. The translator itself is expected to work with pfe version 0.32.9x or later, pretty much regardless of host. The compilation details, especially options for using registers, do depend on the host, and have been tested on only three systems.

^Forth translator for pfe
config.hf 18May03 13:01:27EDT 3.8K
hftrans.fs 18May03 12:59:03EDT 28K
hfkernel.hf 18May03 13:01:38EDT 13K
hffloat.hf 18May03 13:01:34EDT 8.2K
dohftrans 04Feb05 15:28:01EST 57

gfbench.hf 18May03 13:01:31EDT 11K
slbench.fs 18May03 12:59:07EDT 12K
slbench.hf 18May03 13:01:43EDT 14K
gfbench-results 04Feb05 15:28:08EST 2.6K

C source output
hfkernel-ext.c 18May03 12:58:38EDT 21K
hfkernel-dll.c 18May03 12:58:32EDT 276
hffloat-ext.c 18May03 12:58:30EDT 13K
hffloat-dll.c 18May03 12:58:26EDT 272
gfbench-ext.c 18May03 12:58:23EDT 30K
gfbench-dll.c 18May03 12:58:17EDT 272
slbench-ext.c 18May03 12:58:46EDT 29K
slbench-dll.c 18May03 12:58:40EDT 272

scripts for building single pfe modules

benchmark scripts
dogfbench 04Feb05 15:27:57EST 484
doslbench 04Feb05 15:28:04EST 58

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