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Krishna Myneni, the originator of kForth, maintains the official kForth site. This directory contains our port of kForth to the PowerPC under Macintosh OS X.

A more complete historical list of ppc development and distribution files is maintained at the official kForth site:

kForth OS X ppc development snapshots
README.SNAP 14Jun06 10:56:12EDT 7.4K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-04-13.tar.gz 13Apr06 14:59:13EDT 305K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-04-15.tar.gz 15Apr06 20:36:00EDT 307K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-04-17.tar.gz 17Apr06 21:36:11EDT 320K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-04-20.tar.gz 20Apr06 09:26:12EDT 338K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-04-25.tar.gz 25Apr06 23:58:19EDT 337K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-06-03.tar.gz 03Jun06 20:23:35EDT 338K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-06-05.tar.gz 05Jun06 11:06:28EDT 338K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-06-06.tar.gz 06Jun06 16:20:43EDT 339K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-06-13.tar.gz 13Jun06 19:41:48EDT 409K
kforth-ppc-osx-2006-06-14.tar.gz 14Jun06 10:57:37EDT 409K
md5sums.snap 14Jun06 10:58:02EDT 792

kForth OS X ppc distribution
README 14Jun06 10:49:17EDT 3.5K
kforth-ppc-osx-1.4.0.tar.gz 14Jun06 14:30:57EDT 381K
07Jun06 12:47:21EDT
09Apr06 10:47:23EDT
These assembly language files are included in the tarball above.

osx.bench 22Jun06 09:47:45EDT 3.7K
linux.bench 22Jun06 09:47:48EDT 6.1K

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