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This page contains our internal C-module contributions to Guido Draheim's PFE (Portable Forth Environment) distribution at Sourceforge, along with a few PFE-loadable external modules.

Guido's distribution is an extensive evolution of Dirk Zoller's original version, including a well-elaborated autoconf, automake, libtool build environment. Among many nice design features, his system of loadable internal and external modules is especially significant.

zoller/ The culmination of Dirk Zoller's original PFE development, before Guido Draheim's continuation.

modules included in PFE
complex/ A port of Julian Noble's complex arithmetic lexicon to PFE which adds OpenMath principal expressions for inverse functions, and William Kahan's extended accuracy algorithms.
dstrings/ The Dynamic-Strings Word Set.
floating/ An update to the PFE floating module in the dnw branch. Guido's floating-mix module, which was formerly automatically loaded with the floating module, is now part of it. The floating module also now includes the part of the former experimental ieeefp module that did IEEE 754 functions and input/output along with extra C99 functions.
qfloating/ An optional Quad Floating-Point Word Set, implemented with gcc's libquadmath. It provides quad versions of the words in the updated floating module, including IEEE 754-2008 support. Located in the dnw branch.

external modules
22Nov20 17:17:00EST
22Nov20 17:16:51EST
Scripts for building and installing an external, dynamic, loadable module for PFE under macOS and Linux.
execution/ Execution primitives. Defining words for execution arrays are in qdexeca-pfe.fs.
fpaux/ Experimental implementation of the words in the IEEE-FP Floating-Point Word Set proposal that deal with default exception handling, rounding modes, and alternate exception handling.
ieeefp/ Experimental implementation of the IEEE Floating-Point Word Set proposal. This module is obsolete. Its words have been moved to the floating and fpaux modules.
parsing/ Parsing words for ANS Forth strings and the input stream.
interpreting/ Words that interpret with a user-supplied xt: EVALUATE-WITH, INCLUDE-FILE-WITH, INCLUDE-FILE-LINES-WITH, INCLUDED-WITH, and LINES-INCLUDED-WITH.
xstacks/ Extra stacks primitives, defining words for xstack instances, and a test harness.

PFEFromSVN.html 19Aug20 12:23:32EDT 3.3K A guide for downloading and installing my updates to Guido Draheim's PFE SourceForge repository for 64-bit darwin and linux systems.
HowToInstallHPC.html 16Dec20 10:20:52EST 2.4K A guide for installing the High Performance Computing (HPC) version of gcc on macOS Catalina and Big Sur.
qfsynos.fs 08Jan21 11:22:09EST 2.7K A set of synonyms that gives normal float names to quad float words. Used especially for testing.
doconf-pfe64 28Dec20 17:53:37EST 574 Configuration script for 64-bit pfe 0.33.71w and later. See the svn guide PEFromSVM.html for how to use it.
28Dec20 17:51:04EST
28Dec20 17:48:41EST
Legacy configuration scripts for 32|64-bit pfe-33 under Mountain Lion and Linux Mint, which implement a method for installing both 32- and 64-bit versions on the same system, when the system allows it.
bench/ A script for running the basic Gforth benchmark suite with PFE, plus versions of the benchmarks modified for PFE.

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