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primes.fs 30Nov04 13:37:08EST 3.3K A commented version of Eratosthenes' sieve, designed for viewing primes in a range.
byteprimes.fs 30Nov04 13:36:19EST 3.9K The Gilbreath, Byte Magazine version of the above.

ttester and xftester
ttester.fs Anton Ertl's ttester.fs extends the original Hayes tester to floating point, including some ideas from ftester-old.fs, and adds support for an integrated floating point stack. Tests preserve initial stacks. It works on ANS Forth systems with or without floating point, and with or without an integrated stack. Consult the gforth CVS link at left for history and probably the newest version.
ttester-xf.fs 06Feb21 09:53:56EST 21K A revision of ttester restricted to a separate floating-point stack. With some restrictions on the words used, it remains compatible with ttester. It does overflow checking for initial, resultant, and goal stack storage, with configurable limits. Error reporting and approximate equality continue to be vectorized, as with ttester, but with independent error reporting for the two stacks. Starting with version 1.4.0, deepest errors are found first, corresponding to the usual left to right order of stack pictures, which is also the order of execution that produces them.
06Feb21 10:18:01EST
06Feb21 10:17:24EST
06Feb21 10:18:25EST
These three files are functionally identical to ttester-xf.fs, with xftester.fs a short driver that loads the independent components, xtester.fs and ftester.fs, which test the data and floating-point stacks.
06Feb21 23:00:01EST
06Feb21 10:29:54EST
Test file for ttester-xf.fs or xftester.fs that uses themselves and the color terminal support and enhanced error reporting files below, along with a pdf image of the terminal output.
tester-display.fs 06Feb21 09:53:34EST 6.2K Krishna Myneni's ANSI color terminal support for ttester, ttester-xf, and other test files, with printing words conditional on VERBOSE. Also does Forth host identification.
06Feb21 09:53:56EST
06Feb21 10:00:16EST
Enhanced error reporting for tests that use xtester or ftester. Both require tester-display.fs. 06Feb21 23:00:37EST 65K Both the consolidated and separated ttester-xf and xftester testers and components, their tests, and the display and enhanced error files needed to run their tests.

floating point
fslflocals.fs 30Nov04 13:36:37EST 2.2K FSL floating point locals with an alignment fix.
fatan2-test.fs 27Mar09 10:07:32EDT 4.8K Tests whether FATAN2 returns the principal angle, including the ISO C / Special UNIX 3 specification for signed zero, signed infinity, and NaN inputs. Requires ttester.fs
ieee-fprox-test.fs 27Jan21 12:00:13EST 9.5K Tests whether F~ meets the proposed Forth 200x, IEEE-FP specification for signed zero, infinity, and nan arguments. Requires ttester.fs or ttester-xf.fs.
ieee-arith-test.fs 02Oct09 18:23:48EDT 7.3K Tests whether basic floating-point arithmetic, except for F*+, meets the proposed Forth 200x, IEEE-FP specification for special arguments. Requires ttester.fs
27Jan21 12:02:32EST
27Jan21 12:02:32EST
Consolidation of fatan2-test.fs, ieee-fprox-test.fs, and ieee-arith-test.fs, into one file. The .zip file also contains all test utilities needed to run the tests.
fnextup.fs 28Jul09 10:49:56EDT 5.7K Contains a reference implementation of the proposed Forth 200x, IEEE-FP FNEXTUP for double precision, due to Andrew Haley. Requires rawfloat.fs, and includes tests that require mixfloat.fs and ttester.fs
fulps.fs 28Jul09 10:50:07EDT 1.7K Compute error in units of reference value ulps. Uses rawfloat.fs and the same FNEXTUP as fnextup.fs. Only for doubles.
09Feb21 23:07:00EST
27Jan21 12:04:11EST
A small library that translates between raw32, raw64, raw80, or raw128 formats on the data stack or in memory and the corresponding default, machine-native encoding on the floating-point stack. The numbers in the names refer to the width of the native encoding in bits. The raw format gives access to the bits of the encoding in a style compatible with Forth conventions for multi-cell integers, which is convenient for shifting and masking, and fairly convenient for hex data display and entry. The tests require ttester.fs or ttester-xf.fs. Works for big/little-endian and 32/64-bit systems.
27Jan21 12:05:16EST
27Jan21 12:05:16EST
Contains the rawfloat library above and adds translations betweem the four raw formats and Forth string formats giving faithful representations of the exactly 8, 16, 20, and 32 hex digits of the corresponding native encodings. It also does translation between the default floating-point stack encoding and the hex string format corresponding to its width. Works for big/little-endian and 32/64-bit systems. The tests work either with ttester.fs or with ttester-xf.fs.
plainfarray.fs 08Jun07 17:56:43EDT 4.8K Plain floating point arrays for ANS Forth default floats, with some variation from FSL conventions. The words work with or without a separate float stack.
ftester-old.fs 07Nov10 10:03:09EST 5.8K John R. Hayes' extended to include a separate floating point stack, with a treatment of approximate equality inspired by Dirk Zoller's float.4th (05Aug93). This has been superceded by ttester.fs and the ftester component of ttester-xf.fs.
dztest-float.fs 30Nov04 13:36:35EST 7.2K Dirk Zoller's float tests rewritten for ftester-old.fs.

25Aug21 11:13:04EDT
25Aug21 10:09:49EDT
Structure words, including most of those in the Forth 200x standard. Includes optional explicit (not state smart) early binding. Tests require tester-display.fs, ttester-xf.fs, xtester-errors.fs, and ftester-errors.fs.
qdstruct.fs 30Nov04 13:37:14EST 3.1K Quick and dirty structures.
qdstruct-pfe.fs 30Nov04 13:37:12EST 2.0K Nonstandard word and string fields for quick and dirty structures.
namedstruct.fs 28Aug10 09:51:34EDT 6.8K Named structures with reusable field and method names.
qdnamstruct.fs 30Nov04 13:37:10EST 4.3K Quick and dirty structures with reusable member names.

A modules library compatible with Forth 200x, by Krishna Myneni and David N. Williams. The literate programming source is modular-forth.lyx, and modules.fs and modular-forth.pdf are the generated Forth source and documentation.
modules-test.fs 16Feb12 20:02:51EST 8.7K Tests for modules.fs. They require otester.fs and ttester-xf.fs, plus tester display and error support files. 16Feb12 20:02:55EST 182K All of the above, plus all files needed to run the tests.

search order
16Feb12 20:02:28EST
16Feb12 20:02:28EST
A small extension library based on the Search-Order word set, an anthology of words discussed in comp.lang.forth which emphasizes the role of the search order as a stack. The tests require otester.fs, ttester-xf.fs, and display support files.
06Feb21 10:22:33EST
06Feb21 10:22:33EST
06Feb21 10:22:33EST
Hayes-style tester and enhanced error display support for the search order considered as another stack, plus a tester for the tester. 06Feb21 10:27:34EST 24K All of the above, plus support files needed to run the tests.

tester.fs 04Sep06 10:14:02EDT 1.6K John R. Hayes'
testerplus.fs 04Sep06 10:09:00EDT 2.4K The above file modifed to include Krishna Myneni's color-coded commenting and a count of errors. This is being phased out in favor of ttester-xf.fs plus its enhanced display support files.
recurse-test.fs 19Mar10 11:15:25EDT 5.7K Tests for RECURSE using examples supplied by Bill Muench. Requires ttester.fs
undef.fs 30Nov04 13:37:26EST 729 ANS Forth bootstrap for [UNDEFINED].
lfinput.fs 21Aug21 22:26:37EDT 10K Line file parsing analogous to the input stream. Needs either parsing.fs or our pfe external parsing library.
21Aug21 22:26:37EDT
02Aug06 12:18:11EDT
02Aug06 12:08:05EDT
Rudimentary tests for lfinput.fs.
AAma-count.fs 26Apr09 09:33:24EDT 4.5K This utility counts the basic kinds of lines in text source files for Martinus Veltman's Ann Arbor macro assembler, and accumulates totals for successive files. It uses lfinput.fs and part of the mstrings library collection.
aelocals-xl.fs 29Aug08 08:46:46EDT 2.0K Two modifications of Anton Ertl's anslocal.fs that work across lines. Needs parsing.fs and dstrings.fs.
xstacks.fs 21Aug21 22:27:14EDT 4.4K An ANS Forth implementation of the "basic" xstack words in the pfe xstacks loadable module.
xstacks-defwords.fs 21Aug21 22:27:14EDT 5.7K An ANS Forth implementation of the xstack defining words in xstacks-pfe.fs
xstacks-test.fs 21Aug21 22:27:14EDT 5.5K Hayes-type tests for xstacks.fs, with a switch for the pfe implementation of the basic xstacks words. Needs twx.fs
twx.fs 09Sep06 13:41:45EDT 3.5K John Hayes' Forth testing words modified to work with xstacks.
qdexeca-pfe.fs 24Dec04 13:00:02EST 2.1K Defining words for execution arrays, based on pfe primitives in execution-ext.c
sudoku.fs 18Nov05 15:02:14EST 14K Robert Spykerman's Sudoku puzzle solver enhanced to input a full puzzle from the command line or a file.
copyinput.fs 30Nov04 13:36:21EST 5.2K Words to save the input stream across lines up to a terminating string so it can be processed later. Includes a word for extending structures.
sarray.fs 30Mar07 13:03:21EDT 3.4K ANS Forth string arrays.
dstring-array.fs 25Aug21 23:03:55EDT 3.7K Dynamic string arrays.
mkindexfile.fs 08Nov06 17:37:46EST 11K Write a index.html file for this archive from user input.

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