David N. Williams

December 4, 2008



Awards and Honors

Postdoctoral Appointments


Academic Activities

My main research effort for the several years before and after retirement was software development for symbolic and scientific computation, especially related to Prof. M. Veltman's Schoonschip.

Other current physics research interests include a new approach to the triviality of φ4 quantum field theory in four space-time dimensions, which applies to the Higgs meson sector of the standard model.

My publications in the past include work on kinematical singularities in invariant amplitudes and other higher spin topics, Stapp's theorem for Lorentz covariant analytic functions, unstable particles, Euclidean quantum field theory for fermions, the Euclidean loop expansion for φ4 field theory, and Euclidean nonlinear classical field equations. Many of these have a mathematical physics orientation.

My teaching experience includes pretty much the full range of undergraduate and graduate physics courses, from sophomore electricity and magnetism through quantum field theory.

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