Chinese Story Time

I participated in Chinese Story Time a lot along with my daughter and it is a pretty fun thing to do. If you have a kid within age 2 to 6, I would suggest to try it with you kids. During Covid-19 period we are currently running online and you can see further details here. (我会在课后跟我女儿参加安娜堡的中文故事会,这个是个很不错的活动。如果你有2到6岁的小孩,我会推荐你来玩。在Covid-19期间,中文故事会以网上在线形式活动,具体看这里。)

P.s. We do encourage parents to present stories, if you are interested, you can contact me. (注:我们鼓励家长参与讲故事的环节,如果你有兴趣来讲故事,欢迎跟我联系,我们负责场地跟材料准备。)

ICRA,正式注册名称为International Chinese Reading Association(华阅会),EIN:81-1472910, 是一个以志愿者为基础的,在美国根据Internal Revenue Code第501(c)(3)条获豁免缴税的非营利组织。

ICRA's main purpose is to help organizing the activities like Chinese story time and so on, so that kids can learn Chinese, use Chinese and love Chinese in an immersive manner! (ICRA致力于推广中文故事会等活动,让小朋友们在轻松愉快的中文故事环境中学中文,用中文,并喜欢上中文!)

We need volunteers! A sample storytime can be seen Here.