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AC213 Assignments

Over the course of the semester students will complete a number of short assignments in preparation for their final project. Students may choose among three different types of projects for their final project. These options are designed to accommodate the different learning styles, creative abilities and interests of class participants.

Option #1: Web-based Project (collaborative project)
Form a group of 3 students. Create a website that addresses some aspect of the Latina/o experience (your web content should be comparable to a 10-12 page paper). See the Web Project Resources page on our class website for more detailed information on project guidelines and resources. To help you complete your project we have provided a technical consultant who will conduct a series of web tutorials one week bbefore each of the preparatory assignments are due. For ideas and inspiration you can check out previous student web projects on our El Museo Latina/o page.

Option #2: Latina/o Advocacy Project (group project)
Form a study group of 3 students within your discussion section. Each study group will then work together to identify a specific social problem or issue that affects and/or disadvantages Latina/os in the U.S. Over the course of the semester, study groups will research the issue, conduct an interview with a local activist and/or scholar involved in advocacy on the issue, develop a specific plan of action to address the issue, and write a final report (10-12 pages) summarizing your experiences. See Advocacy Project Guidelines for more information on project guidelines and resources.

Option #3: Community Service Learning Project (experiential project)
Volunteer with Latinos Unidos, PALMA, the Real Media Literacy Project, or an organization of your choice (it must be an organization that serves Latina/os and you must obtain prior permission from instructor). Write a final paper (8-10 pgs.) that reflects on your experience and draws from class readings & lectures. See the Community Service Project Guidelines page for more detailed information on project guidelines and resources. Remember that in order to complete this project, you will have to spend at least 3 hours per week working on-site at the community service organization.


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