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Conducting Research on the Web

It is appropriate to conduct some of your research on the web, but just remember, not all sites are created equal. Here are some tips to help you with your research on the web:

Learn before you surf!
Here are a few websites that can help you make the most out of your research on the web:

  • Web Search Strategies (Debbie Flanagan) - a comprehensive tutorial on successful searching, with many tips and tricks for efficient and effective web-based research
  • Using the Web (UM Library) - Chapter 5 of, Searchpath, the Undergraduate Library research tutorial online.

Google is not the only search engine on the web!
Google is great, but don't rely on it for all of your web research. Remember, there are many other search engines on the web, some of which specialize in scholarly topics. Here are some resources to help you specialize web research:

Academic Search Engines (Search Engine Colossus) - A pretty comprehensive list of search engines that specialize in scholarly topics.
Guides to Specialized Search Engines
(SearchAbility) - A list of multi-subject guides (with descriptions) to thousands of search engines covering hundreds of subjects. Listed in approximate order of size, specificity of subject categories, and some aspects of search engine collection quality.
Google Scholar - A search engine that specializes in scholarly journals, articles and books.

Don't Believe everything you read!
Pay close attention to who is behind the site you are looking at. Sometimes websites can become a forum for an individual's political, ideological and even personal biases. Always make sure you doublecheck information you get from the web.

Recommended Research Sites

US Latino Websites - Includes Chicano (Mexican American), Puerto Rican, and Cuban American Web resources, as well as sites that pertain to Salvadorans, Dominicans, Colombians, and Guatemalans residing in the US.

2000 U.S. Census Gateway - On this .gov site you can find loads of up-to-date data, reports and information on Latina/o populations in the U.S.

Chicano Website Pathfinder - This site offers links to many resources on Chicana/os and other Latina/os in the Southwest.

Hispanic Resources on the Web - This is a good linrary site that lists general web-based resources on Hispanics.

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