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            Business development has experiences major improvements in Detroit in the last decade in addition to the community development. The largest firm in the development of business has been the Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA). Its major goals include providing technical and financial resources for small and local businesses, address issues of an individual business, and create an environment to enhance quality business growth. 19 Shopping districts have been added for easier accessibility from local neighborhoods. These shopping districts can also provide employment for residents of the area.

            Grants are offered by the SDBA to further the advancement of development. The program is entitled the Commercial Matching Grant Program. 20 The grants offer a way to aid the members of the community in their business progress. Design services are also made available for people who obtain a grant, which helps immensely because for most of these people, it is their first time developing a business. 21 The grants in the last five years have made $1.65 million dollars of improvement in Detroit. 22 This is a tremendous amount of money that has been granted by SDBA along with other property owners and businesses to provide help to beginners. 23 The SDBA understands the importance of new developments in Detroit. It will create a prosperous area and increase the likelihood of other businesses to enter Detroit. This program has and will continue to rejuvenate the city of Detroit.

            The SDBA has also developed a project to strengthen real estate in southwest Detroit. The Vernor-Livernois Development Program hopes to bring approximately 60,000 square feet of regional retail to the West Vernor and Livernois area. 24 This project hopes to generate $14 million in new commercial development in Detroit. 25 With this revenue, southwest Detroit will see great improvement in this area. Employment for residents will also be available, which will increase the living conditions of residents who are facing financial troubles.