Photograph taken by Heather Dougherty

Rebuilding Southwest Detroit

Heather Dougherty

Ryan Huddleston

Neena Yoyakey

Brief 20th Century History of Detroit


SW Detroit in 2006

Recent Immigrants

Embracing One Community

Community Developments

Business Developments






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        The Latino population of Detroit has had an immense impact on the quality of the southwest side. The economy was once one of the greatest in the United States, but faltered after World War II. However, Latinos have improved the state of Detroit. Many buildings have been restored and the Latino culture is still vibrant across the city.

        This website includes interviews from past and present Latino residents of Detroit, who have seen the growth of the area. Also, special events that have occurred in Detroit this year are shown.

        Community and business developments have turned southwest Detroit into a growing city. This change can be attributed to many Latinos, who find it necessary to combine cultural and educational experiences with everyone. Murals have been added to the city to express these cultural ideals for the benefit of all members of the society.