What is Hip-Hop
Current Hip-Hop Movement
Justifying Latino History in Hip-Hop Culture
Role of Hip-Hop in Politics
Immigration Pattern and Message Conveyed
Links to Latino Hip-Hop Artists
Lexicon Interview



Latino Influence in Hip-Hop
Axel Berky
Tyler Greer


Latinos have had a huge influence in not only mainstream hip-hop today, but in the creation of this musical culture. Therefore, the purpose of this website is to educate the viewer about the influence Latinos have maintained in hip-hop for the past and present by defining hip-hop, explaining the current hip-hop movement, justifying Latino history in hip-hop culture, showing the role of hip-hop in politics, and explaining how the immigration patterns of Latinos affects the messages conveyed in their songs.


In order to make the site more interesting, links to some Latino hip-hop artists are provided, an interview with the New York hip-hop artist, Lexicon, is posted, and biographies of various Latino hip-hop artists are available. If you are unaware of the role Latinos have played in the life of hip-hop, YOU DON'T KNOW HIP-HOP!




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