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To find out more about Latino Hip-Hop Artists several good websites are:

This site has many biographies of Latino rappers, sound bytes, recent Latino hip-hop news and is an overall good site to find out more about Latino Hip-Hop.

This site is based out of Los Angeles and has a lot of information on Latino hip-hop, such as interviews with latino hip-hop artists, CD reviews, photos, and many other sources that pertain to the hip-hop culture and its movement.

This site offers ten free downloads as well as several Latino hip-hop artists that are not present on the other listed websites. It also has links to videos, articles, and a radio station that plays hip-hop music.

This site offers many news articles over hip-hop, photos, editorials and reviews of albums. It also has samples of songs from a variety of artists and labels.

This website has a lot of information over international latino Hip-Hop artists as well as pages on several Latin American gangs.