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The purpose of this website is to gain a cohesive perspective of the Chicana Women's Movement, and further the awareness of Chicana Feminism. To truly understand Chicana Feminism, it is crucial to realize how the struggles that Chicanas have endured have spawned the ideals and the historical context of the movement, and, finally, the ways in which Chicanas choose to employ these ideals, from protest to poetry.



"The oppression suffered by Chicanas is different from that suffered by most women in this country. Because Chicanas are part of an oppressed nationality, they are subjected to the racism practiced against La Raza. Since the overwhelming majority of Chicanos are workers, Chicanas are also victims of the exploitation of the working class. But in addition, Chicanas, along with the rest of women, are relegated to an inferior position because of their sex. Thus, Raza women suffer a triple form of oppression: as members of an oppressed nationality, as workers, and as women."  

Mirta Vidal (1971)

Mirta Vidal, a noted Chicana writer, strikes a powerful chord with these words. The Chicano movement is often misconstrued as a collection of unified fronts fighting against the overt oppression of our society with the ultimate goal of gaining political clout and civil rights for every person. While ostensibly true, this notion fails to address the treatment and experience of Latino women within the movement. Chicana women faced an internal struggle as they sought to champion their own rights in society, obstructed by the exploitation from our dominant culture, and the rampant sexism within their own community. It is important to explore these three fronts Chicana women faced (as Latinas , as workers, and as women) through different mediums. These mediums will include poetry, prose, and artwork.