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The American Institute of Chemical Engineers Chapter at the University of Michigan is a student run chemical engineering professional organization. The objectives of AIChE are to advance chemical engineering in theory and practice, maintain a high professional standard among its members, and serve society, particularly where chemical engineering can contribute to the public interest. In addition to these goals, the chapter provides a communication link between the Department of Chemical Engineering and the students in social and academic endeavors and aids in the professional development of chemical engineering students.

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Several social hours are held throughout the year for members to get together and take a break from school-work. Numerous intramural sports teams are organized for members to take advantage of, including flag football, coed water polo, mini soccer and mini broom-ball.

AIChE is also responsible for helping organizing the blood drive in the spring. To become a member just come to one of our meetings and bring your dues.


AIChE holds weekly luncheons for our members, where typically a corporate speaker from a company involved with chemical engineering comes to present the objectives of their company and answer questions. Many students find these sessions informative and important in solidifying their choice to major in chemical engineering.

Luncheons are a great time to learn a lot more about a company from a company representative that is usually a Chemical Engineering graduate of Michigan. What better way to understand what opportunities you could have as a Chemical Engineer than to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes?

Membership Dues

Dues vary depending on whether or not you’re a National AIChE Member. To join National AIChE, click here. Below are the dues to join the University of Michigan AIChE Chapter:

Year: $35 if National Member, $40 if not

Semester: $25 if National Member, $30 if not

No lunch: $10 regardless of National Membership

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AIChE has formed a mentorship program that helps to link students and provide those students with experiences and guidance from other ChEs.  More information is available at our mentoring page located here.

AIChE National Membership

There are many benefits of being a national member of AIChE.  For more information check out this page.  Your Michigan AIChE price is also cheaper if you are an AIChE National member.