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Flower Drum Song

Mark Taper 2002 revival
Maynard Institute of Journalism Education, NYU. Posted December 4, 2002. Includes interviews with C.Y. Lee and David Henry Hwang, and links to reviews of the Broadway revival.

Reworked ‘Flower Drum Song’ still charming

by Ed Blank. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Dec. 8, 2002, on
Fact sheet on Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Part of American Musical Theater History at
Article about the adaptation of Rogers and Hammerstein's broadway musical to an illustrious theatrical production
Courtesy of Nancy Kwan
music lesson plan. From Multicultural Perspectives in Music Education, posted on
Play Reviews Courtesy of
Flower Drum Song Then and Now by Martin Denton., July 2, 2002.
Flower Drum Song Budding on Broadway by Elysa Gardner. USA Today, Oct. 16, 2002.
Flower Drum Song: The Reviews are In; Critics clueless about emergent American sensibility by John Kuo Wei Tchen. AsianWeek, Dec. 13- Dec. 19, 2002.
A Different Drummer review by Diane Haithman. LA Times, Sunday, Oct. 14, 2002.

    Miss Saigon


Official Website Includes history, storylines, and more.
Official 2002-2003 tour Includes cast bios, audio clips, ticketing information, and more.
The Miss Saigon Study Guide Brief synopsis as well as answers to major questions regarding Miss Saigon and the history behind it.
Multimedia Archive Brief History, links to cast albums, sheet music, and videos.
Fan Site for the Musical Includes cast information, links, and images.
Missing the Point: The Saigon Controversy 10 Years On by Robert M. Payne. (2000)
A Certain Slant: A Brief History of Hollywood Yellowface by Robert B. Ito. Bright Lights Film Journal Issue 18, March 1997.
Charlie Brown and the Great Nonwhite Way by Michael Riedel. New York Post, Feb. 4, 1999.



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