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Desi Youth Culture

Global Beat Fusion
by Derek Beres. Book project to chronicle fusions of South Asian classical music with modern electronica.
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"Make Way for Urban Desi Sounds: Panjabi MC im Deutschland"

Make Way for Urban Desi Sounds: Panjabi MC im Deutschland
Basement Bhangra monthly party at New York’s S.O.B. club, hosted by DJ Rekha.
co-founded by Vivek Bald and Rekha Malhotra as a series of fundraisers for documentary film “Mutiny: Asians Storm British Music,” now a monthly event..
Documentary film by Vivek Bald.
weekly party at New York’s Joe’s Pub, hosted by DJ Rekha.
Joe’s Pub.
Bollywood Disco new party at New York’s Opaline (East Village).
"DJ Rekha" by Anicee Gaddis. Citysearch, Feb. 28, 2003
Rekha Malhotra New York Metro, 2002.
Manhattan Music Scene: Basement Bhangra by Gloria Suhasini. Desi Talk, April 19, 2002.
The Sound of One Dhol Thumping by Derek Beres. 2001-2.
Bhangra Radio interview with DJ Rekha, Studio 360, WNYC, New York, August 17, 2002.
Karsh Kale DJ, tabla player.
Bhangra at Punjab Online. Includes MP3 files
"DJ Siraiki: Co-Creator of Mutiny and So Much More" Interview on Asian Vibrations, June 7, 2002.
Profile of Vivek Bald keynote speaker at ECASU 2001 at Columbia University.
Dhamaal Artist Collective San Francisco (Maneesh The Twister, Janaka, Mercury Bonez, Ferhan, Dhruva, Adheesh, Shabi, el Diablo, Insomnia Pictures, JeanSe)
"Dhamaal Halloween Massive" Citysearch, Bay Area.
"South Asian DJs Throw it Down in the Bay Area" by Anmol Chadda. hardboiled 5.2, Nov. 2001.

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