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Hip-Hop and Rap

Asian Americans and Hip-Hop
by Oliver Wang. AsianWeek November 12-18, 1998.
by Daisy Nguyen.

"Asian American Rap: Expression Through Alternate Forms"

by Judy Tseng. Paper for Asian Americans and Legal Ideology, Fall 1998, Prof. Mari Matsuda, Georgetown University Law Center.
"Asian American Rap" General Discussion .” Bulletin board discussion hosted by  Roy Kim, a hip hop emcee known as “Snacky Chan”
Information and Real Audio Clips
by Ellie M. Hisama. ISAM Newsletter, Vol. 32 No. 1, Fall 2002.
Asian American Artists
on Radio Australia, Go Asia Pacific


Official Site Audio, Videos, and more.
Brief profile at Baby Grande Records home of the Mountain Brothers
Review of "Triple Crown" at, posted Friday February 28, 2003; includes quotes from lyrics
Microphone Phenomenal Soundclips and 21 minute interview about their Sprite fame.

Jamez Chang

James Chang aka ‘Jamez by Grace Whang. Youthology, April 2002.
"Poongmul, Hip Hop, and Politics: An Interview with Jamez Chang" by Abigail Baker ’98. Yisei, Vol. 10, No. 1, Winter 1996-97.
The Flowering of Asian American Arts by Amy Ling. On
Biography at IUMA site
"Dancing Between the Notes: Music and Asian American Panethnicity" by Gary Phillips. ColorLines, vol. 1 no. 1, summer 1998.

Prach Ly

praCh’s member page featuring 3-3-03 release of Dalama: The Lost Chapter
"Prach Ly – The Rapper" on PBS Frontline/World, October 2002
"Cambodia: Khmer Rap" posted on Asian Human Rights News, July 27, 2001
"Khmer Rap" Chris Decherd/AP, on, August 3-9, 2001
"Chris Decherd/AP, on, August 3-9, 2001" by Gina Chon, on, April 20, 2001, vol. 27 no. 15

Tou Ger Xiong

Homepage Hmong rapper
"Comedian puts Hmonglish tilt on culture clash" by Stephen Magagnini, originally published in Sacramento Bee, Sept. 12, 2000. On “Orphans of History” website.
"Go Hmong Boy Go" rap, video clip, on “Orphans of History” Multimedia Gallery:
Jin Courtesy of Holla-Front

Henry Chuc


Vietnamese Rapper

Hawaiian Rap

Sudden Rush

"Sudden Rush makes mark with Ku’e" by John Woodhouse. The Maui News, Thursday June 26, 1997.
Sudden Rush: Ea Album review
Biography Sudden Rush at Nahenahe.Net

Native Blend


Artist bio, information, and more.

Samoan Rap

The Boo Yaa Tribe


Information on this Hawaiian rap troupe.



Information on this Hawaiian rap artist



Information on this Hawaiian rap artist

Dolly Mix (W)rapper


Information on this Hawaiian rap artist

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