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Sample Comments
I find myself on here a lot, doublechecking various terms to make sure I understand them fully, and too often I find myself reading along merrily, completely sidetracked from my original purpose. Not that I am complaining, mind you; I have learned a lot from this habit, and your site is prominent in my list of favourites, so thank you for all your work in making this available!!
Thank you for this glossary!!!! I greatly appreciate it. I wish you were my teacher! Are you available to tutor? lol Have a good night!
This is terrific - thank you so much for offering us all your hard work free of charge - and we thought there was no such thing as a free lunch ;)! I am studying again after quite a long break and this glossary has been indispensible in refreshing my memory! A Gazillion thank yous to all who contributed!!
This is the most terrific glossary site i've ever seen. working in different field of international economics this is exactly the tool i needed. Great!
Congratulations for this useful, rich and very well structured glossary, that turns out to be really useful to me during my sometimes hard activity of English-to-Italian translation, that sometimes involves economics texts. Best.
I just want to thank you for an informative and accessible glossary. I'm a British A-level economic student, and i spend hours trawling through text books to find one line answers, or simply to get a simple definition to clarify another topic. It's great to finally find somewhere that has all the answers perfectly clear. I cannot thank you enough.
One of the most comprehensive, useful and accurate international economics glossary I've ever come across. If more people put stuff like this on the web, the world would be a better place. Thanks!
Thanks so much for your work on this site - The University of Texas at Austin should offer you a stipend based on the number of students here that use your site. It has proven to be an excellent companion for confusing news articles and forgotten lecture notes!
I think the diagrams are great!Keep it up!Thank u!
Dear Professor Deardorff, I am a second year, external studies, economics student from Australia who has discovered your site while seeking clarification of topics for an assignment. I love your site because your explanations are so clear, precise and friendly. Your site enables the viewer to see economics as both a humane and coherent discipline. It gives inspiration to go on in the study of economics. This is a wonderful service to the student community and of course to many other groups. Thank you.
This is soooo great. This will help those who are oblivious to the terms and things pertaining to international econ. I know that it will help me in more ways than one.
Guten Tag Herr Deardorf, since a couple of years i've been reading several of your articles and working papers regarding trade issues. I would really like to thank you now for this usefull open glossary for students and researchers worldwide.
bless your heart. as an ambassador of the represent the dismal science, you have done good work. this bioethics grad student recently attend an NIH conference on globalization, justice and healthcare. the presenters represented many discplines. the boys from imf, world bank and eco. depts had a penchant for acronyms. thought i was doomed 'til deardorff. off to church to give thanks!
Dear Prof. Deardorff, This morning before class I checked Google for definitions of "opportunity cost" and came across your webpage. Then I was delighted to find the name you give your gift to the world. As I see it the web is one of the four great wonders in the history of knowledge. 1. the alphabet 2. printing 3. mass literacy, which makes us all potential consumers 4. the web, which makes us all potential producers. I am writing from Myanmar where books and journals are nearly absent.
I thought you would like to hear that even in the Netherlands students benefit from your website while studying international economics! a great way to look up all the terms and definitions!
I just wanted to thank you for such a helpful resource. I am a staff translator at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, headquartered in Santiago, Chile, and your glossary is extremely helpful.
Negative or Ambiguous
Tell me, please, how is anyone supposed to completely understand this? In the world of "global economics" it does seem as if it were meant to be understand only by some upper-echelon elitists. I think a layman's terminology glossary would be in order. I believe Einstein himself would chuckle at this way to use higher math. Can it be this difficult? Or is it supposed to be accessible only to the corporations? I am researching something, and came here, but gave up very quickly, as I found it almost hilariously surrealistic. I suppose you would no longer be able to understand that, though. I would appreciate an explanation. I feel sorry for people that do this sort of thing full
Background and text clash a little making it hard to read for any period of time.
The definitions are very short. For example the definition for development bank was not ample for me. So please kindly try to elaborate this definition.
It would be nice if a seventh grader could understand what you are writing. can you make it easier to understand please?