I have been a graduate student instructor (GSI) in the intro program at here at UM. I am also working towards getting my Graduate Teaching Certificate. If you're curious about the certificate program, come ask me about it!

During my undergrad at Cornell, I was an undergrad TA in the Computer Science department. For these courses, I graded and held office hours.


In Winter 2022, I was a grad mentor for LoG(M).

Since Fall 2020, I have mentored for Twoples, a virtual Directed Reading Program. (If you're a UM undergrad, instead check out our local DRP!) So far, I have run reading projects on intro algorithm design (twice!), random algorithms, probabilistic methods, matroids, and Gröbner bases.

During Summer 2018, I co-designed and co-taught a 1-week course on network flows at MathPath, a math camp for middle schoolers.