Course List

At the University of Michigan (Mechanical Engineering Course Bulletin)
ME 360 Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems
ME 568 Vehicle Control Systems (taught in coordination with Professors Peng and Ulsoy)
ME 561/EECS 561/AERO 561 Digital Control
ME 569 Control of Advanced Powertrain Systems (Fall 2014 syllabus pdf)
ME x99 Battery Systems and Control (Winter 2015 syllabus pdf)
Developed with Department of Energy funding under the auspices of
Transportation Electrification Education Partnership for Green Jobs and Sustainability Mobility
ME 599 Fuel Cell Vehicles & Hydrogen Infrastructure (syllabus pdf)
(jointly taught with Professor Don Siegel)


At the University of California, Santa Barbara
Winter 1998 MEE 156B Mechanical Engineering Design
Fall 1998 MEE155A Control System Design
Winter 1999 MEE 156B Mechanical Engineering Design
Spring 1999 MEE 225AG Automotive Engine Control
Fall 1999 MEE155A Control System Design
Winter 2000 MEE243B Linear Systems II (jointly taught with Professor M. Dahleh)
Spring 2000 MEE125 Automotive Systems


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