Science Communication Resources

Project: MORPH!

Video #1: What is Herpetology?

This video is part of the "Project: MORPH!" series, which is a collaboration between the Davis Rabosky Lab and the UM Museum of Natural History.

Project: MORPH! was produced by the students of EEB 450 - to translate herpetology into real-world applications that benefit both students and society in new ways.

Project: MORPH!

Video #2: What is EEB 450, and what exactly is Project: MORPH!?

During the pandemic in Winter 2021, our class created student-led projects using CT scans to peer inside some museum specimens for the first time.  You can see more of the student projects in the Undergraduate Showcase!

Project: MORPH!

Video #3: How do we communicate our science?

How did we turn CT scans into museum exhibits?  See more of the student projects here:

- Salamander Neverland

- Snake Eyes!

- Holding on for Love:

Frog Amplexus

- Tuatara's Third Eye

Snake anti-predator displays

We've been recording and analyzing snake responses to simulated predator cues in the field - see some of our data from Peru that accompanied our 2021 BJLS paper!

TED-style talk:

snake robots!

Former postdoc Talia Moore and I were featured speakers at the MCubed symposium  - what does our collaboration between EEB and Engineering look like?