Who are those geniuses behind Archermonkey?

Well everybody is asking who are the masterminds behind the phenomenon that is Archermonkey. Well we finally thought you deserved a rundown.

Here's our CEO at... let's say... the Oscars
avoiding the paparazzi
Rasputin Wu

He's been our Chief Executive Officer since our last CEO Billy Gates left to start some software thing. He's done a great job since joining the crew. Obviously the mastermind behind some of our greatest ideas. (Obviously he's signing my paycheck)

See our CEO at work: The Archermonkey PussyCam

Ju-Lin's a 
space fortress
Ju-Lin in his prior career as a intergalactic
space fortress
Ju-Lin Wang (mMD2B)

Ju-Lin was abandoned in the forest and raised by wild mongooses (mongeese?). This explains many of his habits. He has since rejoined society after being rescued by Peruvian nuns. This doesn't explain his love of golf.

Ju-Lin's personal Bio at

Contest Weiner Founder/Janitor
Bryant Wu (mMD)

Who's the sexy private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks? If you said Bryant you'd be not just wrong... you'd be DAMN WRONG. He's the one who conceived Archermonkey in a crack-induced stupor in 1999. His likes include Jackie Chan movies NOT named Gorgeous (read the review), foods not containing vegetable matter, and chemical laden meat products. His dislikes include physical exertion (including breathing and walking), cleaning the CEO's litterbox, and the phrases "ATM machine" and "PIN number".
(This bio composed by Ju-Lin... after being tortured for writing the previous sucky bio.)

James 007
Kovacs, James Kovacs
General Counsel/Culinary Critic
James Kovacs (mJD)


  • CMM- Brother-in-law to MMD2B. Also check out his Synack Labs
  • FM - Another friend from college. Married to one of the below, you'll have to guess.
  • MJD2(AC) - Another friend from undergrad. Getting married soon
  • MJD2B - Friend stating from undergrad and also currently my housemate
  • MFPiC - Medical school friend. I don't think she likes her abbreviation. I think she wanted something more exciting
  • MPhDMD - Friend from Medical School
  • MM - Another one of the boyz.
  • MMDC - Long time friend from college
  • MTx - Long time friend and roommate from college
  • UM - Friend from College.
  • YM! - My other housemate

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