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Center for Motor Behavior & Pediatric Disabilities

Current Research

Treadmill training in infants at risk for mild cerebral palsy

Contact: Rosa Angulo Barroso (
Dale Ulrich (

The Center for Motor Behavior & Pediatric Disabilities at the University of Michigan is recruiting potential participants, 6-13 months old, for a study investigating the use of the treadmill with infants with muscle problems and motor delays to determine whether this intervention will improve the onset and quality of their independent walking. Previous research has demonstrated that involving parents in treadmill practice with their infants with Down syndrome results in earlier onset of walking. If your infant is 13 months of age or younger and has muscle problems and/or motor delays, he/she may be eligible for this study. However, certain restrictions apply. In this study, your infant will be assigned to an experimental group (treadmill training) or to a control group (no treadmill training, only treadmill testing). In either case, we will visit you in your home every month to see how your infant performs on the treadmill as well as give you suggestions on how to promote earlier motor development in your child. We will also evaluate the physical activity level of your child. Your infant will be enrolled in the study until he/she has 6 months of independent walking experience or turns 36 months of age. This program is free of charge. If you are interested in volunteering for this study or have questions about the study and live within 2.5 hours of Ann Arbor, Michigan, please contact Rosa Angulo, Ph.D. or Dale Ulrich, Ph.D. at (734) 936-2607 or send an email at We are hoping to determine that the treadmill can be used as an early intervention to improve independent walking in infants with muscle problems and motor delays. We also hope that the results will help pediatricians make an earlier diagnosis of infants at risk for cerebral palsy.

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