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Center for Motor Behavior & Pediatric Disabilities

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Financial support is essential to recruit the best researchers in the field, to ensure a sufficient critical mass and to provide the needed continuity to produce cutting-edge research. To achieve the missions of the Center in a timely manner, we cannot continue to rely solely on our federal research grants. The type of developmental research we conduct requires substantial amounts of money and time. For instance, the cost of our last clinical trial was approximately $400,000. In addition, only the data collection process in this study lasted more than 3 years and required 50% effort from two faculty members and 3 other researchers. Endowed positions would have enabled the researchers to devote 100% time effort and consequently the results could have been disseminated to parents and professionals in half of the time.

Until this time, we have recruited many volunteer undergraduate and graduate students to help in our research. We plan to continue this process, but would like to ensure the involvement of the best students by offering endowed scholarships and assistantships. These endowed positions would reduce the time needed to recruit and train new volunteers each semester and ensure the continuity of critical personnel.

For the above reasons, our most critical needs are as follows:

  1. Endowed professorship in Pediatric Disabilities
  2. Endowed graduate student assistantships
  3. Endowed undergraduate student scholarships
  4. Station Wagon (see below)

Our data collection always takes place in the home environment of children to increase participation and to ensure their best performance. We have been successful in soliciting participation from families that reside up to 2 hours from the Center. We believe that our success is partially due to our willingness to travel and take our lab equipment to their homes rather than requiring them to travel to our Center. We lease a station wagon, used to travel to our participants' homes. It would be extremely useful to own our own station wagon to reduce costs.


To become a donor, please, contact Dr. Dale Ulrich at (734)615-1904, Fax (734)936-1925, or send e-mail to

Center for Motor Behavior & Pediatric Disabilities
401 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2214
(734)936-2607, Fax (734)936-1925

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