Energy Storage and Materials Simulation Lab

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

  1. 9/2012: Our MconneX videos on Energy Storage for Vehicle Electrification are available.

  2. 5/2012: Sheng Yang, a PhD student from Physics, has joined the group and will work on simulating materials in for metal-air batteries.

  3. 5/2012: Haroon Zuberi, an undergrad in ME, has joined the group as part of the Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity (SURE) program.

  4. 5/2012: Nasibeh Nourbakhshnia has joined the group as a visiting scholar and will be working together with Hee Jin on solid electrolytes.

  5. 2/2012: Hyun Seung passed his PhD Candidacy Exam!

  6. 1/2012: Yang Ming, a PhD student from Physics, has joined the group and will work on hydrogen storage in metal-organic framework materials.

  7. 12/2011: Max, Jill, and Feng have published a paper in JACS about Lithium-air batteries!

  8. 10/2011: Profs. Siegel and Monroe receive a grant from Bosch to develop Li-air batteries.

  9. 9/2011: Hee Jin Bang, a masters student in the Energy Systems Engineering program, has joined the group and will work on modeling of solid eletrolytes.

  10. 9/2011: Jacob Goldsmith has joined the group as a postdoc working on materials informatics for metal-organic frameworks.

  11. 5/2011 Chencheng Zhou, an undergraduate from the UM/SJTU Joint Institute has joined the group and will be researching hydrogen storage materials.

  12. 5/2011 Hee Jin Bang, a Master’s student in Energy Systems Engineering, has joined the group and will work on modeling of solid electrolyte materials.

  13. 5/2011: Malay Kumar has joined the group as a postdoc working in the area of carbon capture materials.

  14. 4/2011: Prof. Siegel has been named a Kavli Frontiers of Science Fellow.

  15. 4/2011: Hyun has been admitted to the Ph.D. program, and will continue his Master’s research on carbon capture materials in our group. Congrats, Hyun!

  16. 4/2011: A new postdoc, Feng Tian, has joined the group to work on modeling of Li-air batteries.  Welcome Feng!

  17. 1/2011: A new opening exists for a Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute Fellow. See here.

  18. 9/2010: ESMS Lab is a participant in the DOE U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center focusing on Clean Vehicles.  Read the press release.

  19. 7/2010: Watch Jin’s video describing his research as part of the 2010 SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering) Program!

  20. 6/2010: Our collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University on Li-air batteries is awarded funding.

  21. 5/2010: Announcing a new Focus Topic session for the 2011 APS March Meeting: “Physics of Energy Storage Materials.”  Organized by D. Siegel, S. Darling (Argonne), and G. Nazri (GM). Abstract available here.

  22. 5/2010: Welcome new group members Max Radin, Jill Rodriguez, Hyun Seung Koh, and Jin Hwang.  More info about them and their projects on the People page.

  23. 4/2010: Welcome new group member Justin Purewal!  Justin will be working on hydrogen storage materials as part of the Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence.

  24. 3/2010: Our publication “High Capacity Hydrogen Storage Materials: Attributes for Automotive Applications and Techniques for Materials Discovery” was the 2nd most downloaded article from Chemical Society Reviews during the month of February 2010!  Chem. Soc. Rev. 39, p656 (2010).  Reprint available on the Publications page.

  25. 2/2010: UM awarded funding to participate in the Department of Energy’s Hydrogen Storage Engineering Center of Excellence

  26. 9/2009: Prof. Siegel to represent TMS at 2009 Emerging Leaders Alliance Meeting

  27. 8/2009: Prof. Siegel is co-PI on $2.5M DOE education grant targeting vehicle electrification. See: U-M to receive funds to prepare workforce for green technology

  28. TMS/JIM (Japan Institute of Metals) 2009 International Scholar

  29. U.S. Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) Team Award, 2009

  30. Publication J. Phys.: Condens. Mater 20 064228 (2008) named to “Top Papers 2008.”

  31. TMS Young Leader Professional Development Award, 2008

  32. U.S. Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) Special Recognition Award, 2008

  33. U.S. National Academies/National Research Council Fellow, 2004-2005

  34. Materials Research Society Graduate Student Award, 2001

  35. Consecutive Outstanding Teaching Awards, UIUC Physics Department, 1995-’96.

  36. Discovery of “Self Catalyzing Hydrogen Storage Material” [Agnew. Chem. Int. Ed. 47, 882 (2008)] featured in Chemical & Engineering News (Jan. 28, 2008, p. 67–70) and in other scientific press (Dec 2007–Feb 2008).

  37. “Inventor of the Month,” Ford Fuel Cell Patent Committee, 2008

  38. Acta Materialia Outstanding Referee Honorarium, 2004

  39. NSF Travel Fellowship to attend CECAM workshop Ab initio Calculation in Relation to Modeling Constitutive Relations and Fracture Toughness of Metals, Lyon, France, October 1997.

  40. U.S. Department of Education National Science Scholar: 1991-1995

  41. Explanation of Magnetocatalytic Effect cited in Sandia Lab News (Feb. 20, 2004). Simulations of Ni-C grain boundary diffusion recognized in Sandia National Labs Accomplishments, 2003.

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