Dimitra Panagou Associate Professor, Department of Robotics, Department of Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan

Dimitra Panagou, Ph.D.

I am an Associate Professor with the Department of Robotics, and the Department of Aerospace Engineering Department, University of Michigan.

My research interests lie in the areas of safe and resilient (secure) multi-agent systems with applications in Unmanned Aerial Systems, autonomous multi-vehicle systems (ground, marine, aerial, space) and robotic networks.

My research program emphasizes in the exploration, development and implementation of control and estimation methods to address real-world, safety- and time-critical problems via provably correct solutions. I am particularly interested in multi-agent spatiotemporal planning, coordination and control in uncertain environments (e.g., under adversarial attacks).

As thus, my research interests span the areas of nonlinear systems, control and estimation, decentralized/distributed control, switched and hybrid systems, decision making and control under constraints, robot motion planning, and networked control systems.

I am a recipient of the NASA Early Career Faculty Award, of the AFOSR Young Investigator (YIP) Award, and of the NSF CAREER Award.

For more information, see my CV.